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Bike Checklist

Abhijit | 09 September 2022

I was recently asked to suggest a “checklist” of items one should carry for a brevet. Here is an old list that I re-use from time to time, with some comments below.

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Reverse Engineering Serial over USB

Abhijit | 21 August 2022

I recently discovered that the GWInstek power supply (GPD-3303D) had a USB-B connector on the back - which meant it could have some remote monitoring and control features. Sure enough, the user manual lists all the serial commands and also has a dedicated windows executable with a GUI for sending the commands. Unfortunately, when I tried to replicate the commands through minicom, it did not work, leading me down a rabbit-hole of USB/serial debugging.

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SMBR 21.01

Abhijit | 26 September 2021

I’d been planning to slowly get back into cycling regularly and work my way back up to riding brevet distances (at brevet speeds). Populaires are a great stepping stone, but I’ve been so out of form that even a 50k populaire seemed iffy. The next best ride format is of course the SMBR: the Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride.

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Video Processing In Kdenlive

05 June 2021

layout: post title: Processing a Timelapse Video date: ‘2019-06-05T20:02:00.004+05:30’ author: Abhijit tags: Photography categories: Photography #modified_time: ‘2021-02-10T20:02:53.417+05:30’ —

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Jekyll Themes

Abhijit | 30 April 2021

As I see it, the trick to to having a quick and manageable Jekyll setup is to find a good, open-source theme with all the necessary features as the starting point. Editing the Jekyll theme is not impossible but not exactly always easy for beginners. Here is a short list of some elegant yet simple Jekyll themes / templates I considered when I was looking for a theme: Lanyon Corporate Pudhina Poole Bay

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Jekyll Webpages

Abhijit | 10 February 2021

A few months ago I was faced with the task of developing a bunch of websites / webpages for a variety of requirements (one of which was the new Opelex website). This post is a brief log of how I set it up using Jekyll and github pages.

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Darktable for Sony A6400

Abhijit Kshirsagar | 05 September 2019

The latest APSC camera from Sony, the A6400 (ILCE-6400) has a new raw file format which is not supported by Darktable versions currently* in the Ubuntu repos or in the stable PPAs.

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HPLIP Binary Plugin Installation

Abhijit Kshirsagar | 05 February 2016

Recently, I ran into this exact bug with my junk laserjet printer P1108. Package: hplip Version: 3.13.4-1 Followup-For: Bug #605589

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