Some of the many projects in my pipeline

The Open Power Electronics Network

A home for all things open-source in the Power Electronics realm: Follow it on Twitter and LinkedIn. Also check out the Opelex podcast.

Dharwad Flora and Fauna

This began as an effort to catalogue the flora and fauna of the IIT-Dharwad campus (WALMI Campus) when I was staying on campus. Now that I live in Dharwad city, I post photos taken in and around the Dharwad region. Photos are posted on a semi-regular schedule to Twitter and Instagram. (I recently changed both the account names/ handles).

I no longer maintain the Facebook page.


A collection of many small but useful scriptlets designed for Ubuntu-like systems. The full source is available via Github.

ThinkScr: A script to remap the PrintScr key to Menu / RightClick key

Wayback Scriptlet: A bookmarklet that allows you to save a webpage to the Wayback Machine / Internet Archive in one click.

Colash: A fancy colored bash prompt with Git annotations

exifscub: One-line script that uses exiftool to remove all EXIF information from image files; and (optionally) adds your name/date copyright info instead.

rotatevid: A small script to rotate a video using avconv. Now that avconv has been replaced with ffmpeg in newer releases; this might not work out of the box.

cowfortune: Prints a witty fortune cookie with some nice ASCII Art. Can be used to generate welcome messages for shell / ssh / etc.

Ride With GPS

Activities for Abhijit